Design package specials

Discovering the Potential

Consultation – 2 hours in the home
  • The consultation will take place in your home for roughly two hours
  • We will discuss and assess your goals and expectations
  • We will go through each room and discuss what needs to be done, what can be improved and what you desire to accomplish
  • We will discuss and possibly suggest specific accessories and decor that can improve the overall look and feel of the home
  • We will discuss optional cosmetic changes that you can make the overall goal is to define the scope of work

Decorator for the day

4 hours shopping with lunch
  • Using the scope of work created at the consultation we will shop for furniture, window treatments, and decor
  • At the end of 4 hours, we will have identified, purchased all major style and project objectives
  • We will create rooms that are clutter free, functional and create new wow factors

Decorator on call

home make over – 20 hours of design services
  • Using the scope of work created at the consultation, we will create, purchase and coordinate all selections intended for the room
  • The result will creatively match all the outlined objectives outlined in the scope of work

The lavish condo

Must qualify for this package
Have you recently purchased a condo or perhaps are living in one that needs a fresh design? If so, accessories staging and design is for you.
  • On-site meeting to determine style and project objectives
  • Floor plan creation, illustrating and furniture placement
  • Paint color and wallpaper design
  • Window treatments
  • Complete furniture sourcing, purchasing and delivery coordination
  • Innovative and creative small use of spaces