Do you have SPRING in your step?

Okay, are you tired of winter yet?  Are you ready for spring flowers, fresh air and everything clean and new?  Well here are a few of our suggestions to help you tackle the prep work:

The Cleanup:

  • Sweep up around the outside of the house, pick up all debris and branches  
  • Power wash the outdoor furniture, walkways and driveway light fixtures and windows
  • Do an inventory of all the planters and pots that you already have stored away
  • Wash out all planters and pots- start clean!
  • I always buy a handful of new gardening gloves- the beginning of this project will wear the gloves out fast!
  • You’ll want fresh gardening soil- it will have the nutrients added to the topsoil.  DON’T forget the ULTRA BLOOM- a Gardner’s secret!

Spring Décor

  • Once the cleaning is done, envision how you want your yard to look and how you want it to function.
  • Visit nurseries and patio furniture stores for the newest and latest trends
  • Maybe some fresh pillows to brighten up space and wind chimes will always soothe you after a long day
  • Think about lighting- will you have accent lighting, solar lighting- setting ambiance outside is just as important as inside the home
  • Decide what type of garden you would like, what colors would you have in your garden and is there a theme to it?  Maybe color will dictate, maybe elevation and environment will create a natural habitat-

Then off to the stores for a little spring retail therapy-
there is no better feeling than the fresh new start of the gardening season.  Let us know how it goes- and what your first
outdoor event will be!

Happy Spring!

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