If you are looking for inspiration to makeover your home, or don’t know where to begin transforming it, look no further. Our redesigned homes speak a thousand words: What does your home say about you and your family? Does your space describe who you are? Do you go home after a long day and say “ahhh I’m home!”  If not, we can help you! We will create that space! Using the family’s favorite items and adding a few new favorites, we will design that space where you and yours gather to relax, reconnect and recharge, a place you will call home, to create fond memories for years to come.



Do your design ideas keep breaking the bank and never come together? Let’s create a plan. We will completely design your room and help you purchase every piece to make your ideas come true, bit by bit, month to month. We will provide you with an overall design of the room and a list of where to buy each piece, so that you can achieve your goal at your pace. It’s easy, our staging and decorating expertise will help you achieve the home of your dreams without spending countless hours browsing, looking for the perfect items. We do it all for you, so you can afford your dream home, even on a budget.

Color Consultations

A room will feel “just right” when the colors are properly coordinated. Our color consultants and decorators at Accessories  Staging & Design specialize in the complex effects of color. Some of us need a color that wakes us up in the morning, that makes us feel refreshed, others need one that soothes our souls after a long day. We take the guessing off your mind and off your shoulders in a brief home consultation. No matter what room or style you may want to transform, our professional home decorators will help you choose a color that’s right for you, your lifestyle, and your home.

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Seasonal Styling

Any time there’s a celebration, whether it’s for the holidays, Thanksgiving, 4th of July, or simply an elegant dinner party, we can help you build memories that will last a lifetime. We will prepare your home for that sit-down dinner or holiday party, pairing it with the pertinent decorations, so that you don’t have to worry about how your home looks or how perfect everything is, but about enjoying the event yourself or preparing your marvelous holiday dinner. Our experienced professional interior decorators will make your home shine for any event.

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Personal Shoppers

We will lead you through your shopping experience and guide you to products that are best suited for your needs and desires for your home. Finding the right pieces to make an interior design statement is not an easy chore, “I actually save my clients money and time,” owner Janis Richardson says, “by guiding them toward quality pieces that will last many years”. We take the myth out of the best home décor, we know what to look for and where to find it to improve the interior of your beautiful home.


At Accessories Staging and Design, we transform your home into a sought- after aspirational lifestyle. We understand real estate and decoration trends to best showcase a house in today’s market to get you top dollar for your home. No matter the house, we will create dramatic and elegant changes in order to showcase the home at its full potential.

Vacant Staging:

An empty property doesn’t show the real potential of the house, it may look smaller, or just not captivate the buyer’s eye. Our home staging for vacant homes will be dramatic creating the connection with potential buyers maximizing the full listing price. Ideal for vacant model homes and investment properties.

Occupied Staging:

Using our processes and systems, we can provide our clients with the best solutions and overall exceptional customer service. We can offer our clients a variety of packages to suit their need.