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Boutique Hotel Bedroom Designs

Imagine the serenity that floods your soul as you enter your completely made-over bedroom. Whether it’s a master suite, a guest room, or your child’s room, it brings you peace and makes you feel just a bit more elegant (despite your less-than-glam pajama pants).

Where you once had a conglomeration of decades-old decor and furniture, you now get to experience a clean, refreshing aesthetic and a color palette that simultaneously energizes your morning while also tempting you to stay in bed.

You recline against the elegant headboard, coffee in hand, and gaze past the luxurious drapery fabric that frames the windows while gracefully skimming the refined silk rug. For a moment, you lose yourself in that vacation-inspired feeling. Never mind that it’s Monday.

…but this isn’t your bedroom. (We’re sorry.)

The bright side? You can start your days’ sunny side up, too, by requesting the boutique treatment for any or all bedrooms in your home. In case you’re curious–and we know you are–here are the design elements you can expect in a boutique bedroom makeover…

6 Elements of Boutique Bedrooms
If you’re ready to make the hotel aesthetic a reality in your space, here are the different pieces you’ll need to consider adding or updating:

Dramatic window treatments

Sophisticated headboard

Custom bedding & pillows

Eclectic lighting

Styled bedside tables

Framed mirrors

Get Boutique Style in Your Home

Considering new soft furnishings, decor, or a completely new layout for your home is a big deal. It requires making hundreds of decisions and balancing function with fashion.

Fortunately, you don’t need to stress about this. Our team has many years of experience guiding homeowners through each phase of a soft furnishings or interior design process, and we’d love to help you.

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