white paint- which one is best for you?

White is a “color” we all can identify with but really isn’t a color at all.  Without starting the long-debated theory to whether white is a color or not, it is most commonly referred to as a tint because it allows the light in. White is a visual tool we use in order to create clean, crisp and peaceful states whether in the clothing and accessories we wear or the rooms we create. White is also used with color to allow the color to pop, to create a crispness in the definition and depth.

How does one know exactly which white to choose? How do we get that perfect white to complement the hue of the blue-grey or the stark contrast to black or navy?

Do you gravitate to the clean crisp white or is the warm, creamy whites a softer fluffier version? How do you choose when there are simply so many whites on the market? Have you ever counted how many white paint colors are in a color fan deck?

Let us, the professional home decorators, help! The first choice to consider is the function and style of the room. Would you prefer the classic, modern, organic or bohemian style in a room? Would you be adding color to the room or simply layering the white on top of one another?

Here are a few of our suggestions:

For a classic white we would choose Benjamin Moore Cloud White (CC-40). It works well with the neutral colors and mixing and matching.

For a modern and crisp white, we suggest the Benjamin Moore Decorators White (CC-20). It keeps the overall look very pure.

For a warm and cozy feel, Behr’s Pot of Cream (W-D 200) will feel like the cozy sweater you wear on that crisp fall day.

For an earthy white, Sherwin Williams Natural White, SW 7011 is a perfect choice.

When choosing your whites, or colors, there is no wrong. It gets tricky when you start combining them with other tones or mix with other colors. The light in the room must be considered, natural or artificial, and what the room is for. So talk to your favorite home decor specialist to choose the best for your home or office.

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